Ask anyone who knows me, and they’ll tell you that Jessica Simpson has held down the title of my favorite fashionista for several years. Since it’s the first-time mom’s birthday today, Tuesday Tops is dedicated to Ms. Simpson. Happy Birthday, Jessica!

Here are a few of my top faves from Jessica’s collection. **All images lifted from**

Over the past year, God has given me higher self-esteem. For many years, I did not like how I looked. As such, I didn’t care about how I dressed and I balked at any clothing that seemed too “girly” or “feminine” because of my former deep-seeded, misconstrued self-image. Since God delivered me from those horrific thoughts, I have fallen in love with dresses. This is my favorite dress from Jessica’s collection:

It’s got all the girly girl flavor that I need: it’s “sheath-tastic” (a must for my shape), it’s got flowers and the skirt is flowy! Check, check and check!

The following dress is flirty, chic and classic, and I love the color:

Perfect for a Spring or Summer wedding, cocktail party or date night. You can edge it up with a sexy and sassy shoe, dress it down with cute flats or sandals or spice it up with a fierce pair of Jessica’s famous pumps! Hmm, how about these:

Yeah, my style is a little unconvential, but I love being unique. If I can’t match a shoe shade perfectly to a dress, I have to go multi or black. And I’m in too good a mood right now to just go black!

Alright, ladies, help me out with a purse or handbag and some jewelry!

See you tomorrow for Workwear Wednesdays!

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