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Calling all men, calling all men, just where in Gods name are you. I seen you chasing behind that girl! You know the girl that you were drooling over in the club about 9 months ago when you were hanging out with the fella’s. She looked so good to you that you just had to have her . I bet you promised her the world and she believed it to. Didn’t she have a baby… oh its not yours you say, what’s that, oh she was sleeping around huh, ok ok. She slept with you on the first night, Oh she’s a whore now, ok how convenient is that. Want you take the DNA test, oh you don’t have the money, ok I understand that. So when did you realize that she was a whore, was it after you found out that she was knocked up, ok well yeah I feel ya, I thought so. So what are you doing in here, child support, I thought you said that it wasn’t your child, ooooh, you signed the birth certificate, ok ok. Well you take it easy bro. It happens to the best of us.

What about you brother, what you doing in here? Ok, you just got caught up in the streets, I can understand that. You had to do what you had to do right. After all, there aint no jobs out thee, so you had to slang them drugs right, I can dig it. Oh you was taking care of your family, ok.  So did you ever get an education or go to college, no, ok ok. So did you job hunt everyday, oh you didn’t have a car so you could go, what about the bus, haha you don’t like the bus, ok I can dig them excuses. So how long you got, 10 years, 10 years is a long time bro. Well, you did what you had to do, don’t feel bad, it’s not like you could have went to school,or hopped on the bus to look for a job are nothing. I get it, you good, your family probably got somebody else taking care of them now.

Wassup bro, I seen you on tv. Yeah they said that you filled ole boy up with plenty of holes. Why you do him like dat son, he was a crip, oh I get it, you one of them gang bangers boys. So I guess ole boy disrespected you huh, no, oh so he probably did something to one of ya boys, no, what did he do bro, he had on a red shirt. You gots to be kidding me bro, ok ok don’t get mad at me, who am I to judge, you know what I’m saying. You did what you was born to do, you know, you probably didn’t have no family, so you joined a gang. Say what, oh you had a nice family, ok then, you probably didn’t get the attention that you needed, oh you did,whats that, oh you joined because your boys asked you to. Dam, you young tho,we make mistakes when we young, whaaat, oh you 30, ok then well do ya thang son.

Who am I you ask, you wouldn’t believe me if I told you. Actually you know me very well. You see that dude up there, I got his girl pregnant. You see that dude right there, I snitched on him for selling drugs, and I am the dude that turned you in on crime stoppers for killing ole boy. My name is lucifer, and you dudes allowed me to influence you to do stupid things. You chose to listen to me over GOD, now deal with it. When you were out there in the streets, you should have been giving some time to God! You allowed me to put evil thoughts in ya head and then you were foolish enough to act on them. When you did, I make fools out of ya. That dude never should have slept with a woman he barely knew, the other dude never should have touched them drugs, he should have took his ass to school, or hopped on that bus and found a job. You, you should have listened to your dad, you had a good family and you blew it. You got a life sentence, and you are going to spend it with me. Now I’m going to depress your families. Good job son!

Shake the devil off, and go towards God Fella’s. Our families need us! We are suppose to be leaders, but when we allow the devil break us down, it creates disaster. Check out the book The Deal, the Dance, and the Devil: A Novel.