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Monday is the toughest day of the week for me (unless I have the day off), and going into the office does not improve my mood! My biggest dream is to never have to work on Mondays! The only solace I have on Mondays comes from retail therapy.

I try to visit my local mall on weekends or on Monday after work. I buy myself something nice. Normally it’s not a large item, and very inexpensive. I’m a bargain hunter.

I’m starting a new section on this blog. It’s for my girls. Monday Musings will feature some fashions that have caught my eye. I don’t profess to be a full-fledged fashionista yet, but I love clothes, shoes, handbags and jewelry. Thanks to my girly-girl friends (shout out to Care Bear and Shonda Boo), I’m becoming quite the fashion-maven-in-training.

My mother turned me into a shoe girl many years ago. So, my first offering for Monday Musings is a basic black must have. You can find this shoe on my all-time favorite online shoe store.

Sassy Mary Jane style pump by Steve Madden. Picture courtesy of http://www.endless.com

I’m a single mom of two, so I generally shop for a versatile shoe. Historically, I’ve been quite conservative with shoe color – sticking with blacks, browns and navy blues. Every so often, I’d strike out and get a cute red or maroon/burgundy color.

Lately, I’ve gone outside my comfort zone and now I’m buying edgier shoes in many more colors.

But, for our first Monday Musing, I’m going safe and versatile with this sassy Mary Jane style pump.

Since I’m still in training, I want my ladies to comment and post pictures of outfits suitable for this shoe. We’ll take a poll and choose the best ensemble. I’ll find something cool to giveaway as a gift!

Sound fun?

Let’s go!