Have you ever heard someone say, “I can’t find a job”, or how about “I hate my job, I need to find something else”, or how about this one, “I wish I did not have to go to work today”. Well if you are anything like me, you have probably heard all of the above. The next time you hear those words, tell them to “Start your own Business”. I know when most think about starting a business, they think about all of the money that it’s going to take, and all of the stuff that they are going to need, which is natural, but in reality it’s not that hard. If you want to start your business, just do it. It really is just as simple as that.

Now I did not say that you were going to quite your day job right off, or even have some million dollar corporation, but you may be able to supplement your income, or even match it. A business does not have to include some fancy office with marble tables, and fancy champagne glassesĀ for your corporate meetings, but it may include a room in your house with a friend of yours helping you out.

Now let’s be real for a minute, if you can’t find a job, or if you hate the job that you are own and can’t afford to up and quite, you probably can’t afford to invest a bunch of money. It’s like anything else, you have to work with what you do have. Sometimes we may have to take that fast food job because we have nothing else, well its the same way with business. You might not be able to jump out there with business of your dreams, but you will have the gratification of working for yourself, which is always a perk.

First, you would need to think of anything that you can do. Do you have a hobby? Well turn that hobby into a business. Now no matter what the business is, you will have to take it seriously, because you will want to give anything with your name attached to it a hundred percent. For example, can you clean windows, can you bake cookies, or can you design business cards? If yes, you can start a business. I am a firm believer in using what you have around you. You already know how to do these things, well the next thing to do is finding your target audience. What type of people needs this done, and where can you find them?

Lets assume that chose the window cleaning business. All you would need is window cleaner, a ladder, and some paper towels. When I think of window cleaning, I think of the Mall. You know they have the store fronts made of nothing but glass right, so how about going through your local mall(s), and asking each store manager could they use someone to clean their windows. I am willing to bet you someone is going to say yes for the simple fact that they do not want to do it. As long as your prices are reasonable, you should be good. Your equipment is cheap, so you would not have to charge as much as a business with a high overhead.

Now here is how the devil is going to play you! He is going to put those dream killing thoughts in your head. You know those, “you can’t do that”, or “you do not know how to talk to people well enough to get their business”. All kinds of discouraging thoughts will arise. When you start to get those fears, remember this, you have to work for someone, why not do it for yourself. If you are not good at talking to people, get that outspoken friend of yours to be your spokesperson. Let them go around and get your business for you, and you show up and do the work. That’s the beauty in having friends, family, or a strong network. Oh so you don’t have any friends right, well there is a website called odesk.com where you can hire people very cheaply to handle all of your secretarial needs. Pay them to make the phone calls to solicit your business. THERE ARE NO EXCUSES!

Now if you work this small, simple, yet effective type of business, I guarantee it will pay off. This is something that can be done after work as part-time, and eventually full-time. Now window cleaning may not be your thing, but this is just an example on how you can make some extra money, or develop an income when you are out of a job. In today’s economy, there are so many people not working that are disgusted with looking for a job. You have to pay those bills regardless, so if you don’t have a job, create one.

If you are into the internet, you might want to try niche blogging. HAHA, I had to throw that out here, because this is my business of choice. I wont get into that today, but if you are interested, feel free to contact me, and read up on that in your google search or click here! You can do whatever you want to do, believe that like you believe in JESUS, because with GODS help, you can do anything that is in sync with him. Peace and Love.

Kataurus “King” Braswell is the founder of http://www.blackconvo.com. He has a passion for writing on topics that inspires, motivates, and helps people. He is also a freelance blogger. He can be reached at kingbraswell@blackconvo.info