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For many, many years, I have loved watching crime mystery shows. I was addicted to Law & Order (all of the franchise shows), but I have a special affinity for the reality-based investigation shows. I can watch the same episode over and over. I think I was supposed to be the female Bruce Harvey, I really do.

Tonight’s episode, airing as I type, is yet again about a marriage gone sour. What’s amazing about this scenario (though not abnormal) is the formerly estranged husband and wife were trying to reconcile their relationship – on a steep cliff. Yes, a CLIFF. Goodness, gracious!!

I won’t go into all of the details because I am currently still enjoying the episode, but ladies (and men, in some circumstances), if you have been having serious issues in your relationship, do not meet up with your estranged lover and/or husband on a darn cliff!

Lawd, now they’re saying that dude had just taken out a life insurance policy on the chick a month before the meeting…..

Goodnight, friends.