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Words cannot express how light and unchained I feel when I am near the ocean. Not just at the beach – but actually on the shore of a huge body of water. No, I am not a world class swimmer. I’m not even a flapper or paddler, or whatever they call the toddlers who learn to swim at the YMCA.

Being on the shore of a body of water is where I find my peace. As I searched through blogs to use a model for this site, I saw several with “bucket lists.” I’ll be honest, I had no clue what a bucket list was at first. As I read the entries, it became clear to me that I needed one.

Stay tuned for my complete bucket list. It’s going to take me some time to compile a worthy list. If you’ve read anything about me so far, you can be certain that a comprehensive manifesto of theatrical performances will be included. But, seeing all the oceanshores is a must.

I’m an active, working, single mother devoted to the development and character-shaping of my sons, aged 15 and 9. While I am eager to drag them across the country to see all the great shores America has to offer, I am not quite ready to offer international trips with them in tow. My international oceanshore tour will be with my best friend and mate, who is a single, working father.

So far, we have ventured to the Emerald Coast and, separately, I have enjoyed the Pacific Ocean and the Atlantic Ocean. I look forward to those trips and cannot wait to post pictures here.

Emerald Coast

When I get to a beach, I float to the edge of the shore and stare at the ocean in awe. I never want to leave. I walk the shore, pick seashells and cast all of my worries and concerns into the ocean. Nothing beats sitting in the sand in a crossed-leg meditation posture with my eyes closed as I listen to the waves gently play hide and seek with my toes. Nothing is wrong in the world when I sit at a shoreline. It is my place of solace.

Santa Monica Pier

Peace and blessings,

inspired heiress